It’s Official: Has Moved!

My domain at has officially moved to the Wix platform. Blog updates will no longer take place here. Instead, I’ll be posting at this location.

If you’re still interested in following my journey to publication, then consider subscribing to my blog posts through my newsletter. It’s now an all-in-one experience—that is, links to my latest posts are sent to my news subscribers. This cuts down on the number of lists that I (and those who follow me) have to manage. You’ll also get the opportunity to apply for a free advance reading copy (ARC) of my novel The Elementalist: Rise of Hara plus jump in on my book giveaways before anyone else!

I’ve been on WordPress for many, many years. It was a great place to spread my wings as a writer, though I wanted to start fresh on a new platform to build my author brand. Wix will make it a bit easier for me to do that.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, I just want to say thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know I’ve spent a lot of time talking about this would-be novel while I continued honing my craft, but this will be the year that I finally send my book baby out into the world and share it with you all. In any case, I hope you’ll continue to follow along on my new platform!

See ya when I see ya.

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Please hold… Domain Transfer in Progress.

Just a heads up to everyone following my blog: over the next several days, I’ll be in the process of connecting then transferring my current domain name ( to my new Wix site! Hopefully, it’ll go pretty smoothly, but what does that mean for subscribers on this blog?

Well, you’ll still get updates from me if I post them here via WordPress. However, I may only post one or two more times on this blog before I start using my Wix one instead, which will be available at the same domain name I’m using now (above). This blog and all my old posts will also be available at, as well.

If I were only using subscriptions on my new site for my blog, then I would automatically add my current blog subscribers there because it’s essentially the same content, just on a new website. However, I decided that I would like to have a combined blog and newsletter list. That way, I can be more intentional with what I share and build a more curated following that is highly interested in what I’m writing. Plus I can gauge interest a bit better with stats like open rates, clicks, and whatnot. (In other words, I can’t add my current blog subscribers to the list on my new platform without their consent that they would like to also receive what I send, and am planning to send, in my newsletter.)

That being said…

If you’re not already subscribed to said newsletter and would like to keep getting notifications about new blog posts in addition to things like snippets from my book as well as opportunities like giveaways or advance reading copies (that is, be one of the first to read an early edition of my novel forย free before it’s released), then check out my signup page at my new website here. All of these things (and likely more) will be shared with my newsletter subscribers before the rest of the world, in some cases exclusively.

It’s the best of both worlds!

That’s all for now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll post again on this blog when the whole domain connection and transfer process is complete.

Until next time.

Moving My Website from WordPress to Wix

Next month, my primary website will be hosted on Wix.

I just can’t deal with the design limitations of this platform anymore, especially after finding out that I can’t do certain things with a site vs. a .org one. I don’t know code, nor do I want to know it beyond basic HTML. I want to see my changes as they’re being made, I want them to look great, and I don’t want to give myself a headache trying to do it.

Wix is just easier for someone like me—who is visually inclined yet technically limited—to use.

That being said, I’m faced with a problem: it is virtually impossible for me to transfer my current blog followers over to a Wix blog. (I’ve asked; it can’t be done. However, I suppose I could send a courtesy email to my email-only followers letting them know about the change in a non-spammy way and allow the chips to fall as they may.) Thing is, it’d be much easier to stick to one platform, and most of this blog’s subscribers aren’t that engaged.

This is not a dig or slight, just a reality that’s come about due to the way I use this blog. I don’t post a lot and don’t write evergreen articles, nor do I intend to. Blogging, in general, isn’t really my thing. (Clearly, because I’ve been doing less of it.) Primarily, I just want to use it to keep people posted on the things I’m working on or thoughts that I have on topics that are relevant to my writing.

Now technically, a newsletter can take care of this, but not everyone wants to subscribe to one of those. At least with a blog, a casual follower can still peek in whenever they want without subscribing to anything if they don’t want to. The biggest difference with the newsletter is that I will share things there that I won’t necessarily share on my blog, or share things first in the newsletter before the blog.

I’m aware I could be doing a lot more with the blog, but I’m pretty sure that after years of having one, if I haven’t done more with it by now, then I’m just not going to. Ever. I simply don’t have the desire to.

So, that brings me to a decision: starting (mid) February, I will no longer be posting on my WordPress blog. I won’t be deleting it; I just won’t be updating it. Wix has its own blogging platform which, while not as feature-rich as WordPress (as far as blogging is concerned), is more than suitable for my intended purposes.

However, I should note that I will still own my domain name at, so that’s how people can find me. To be honest, I’m a lot more active on social media and have been for a while, particularly Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. So if you’re really curious about the behind-the-scenes aspects of my writing journey and aren’t interested in joining my newsletter, then I highly recommend you consider following me on one/some of those platforms.

In other news, my novel is now in the hands of an editor. I’ll be doing the rounds of content and line edits then finally a proofread with him. After that and some formatting and cover design, TEROH will officially be ready to publish. Shooting for a fall release, but I’ll announce an exact date once I get through some of these edits. (Not sure how long they’ll take me to get through, so I don’t want to be a rookie and set a date prematurely. I just don’t have the experience or foresight enough to do that this early with any accuracy.)

I’ll probably post again here a few times until the transition to my new web host is complete. Until then, check me out on your favorite social media networks!

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New Year, New Goals! 2019

First off, Happy New Year! I hope everyone is off to a good start. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve been cracking down on the manuscript, but some of these scenes have been putting up a fight. More effort than I expected them to, but that’s alright. We’re almost done. No sense in beating myself up about it.

Anyway, quick recap on last year’s goals before I get into my plans for 2019.

2018 Goals

Goal #1: Review & Implement Select Beta Reader Feedback on TEROH.

I almost completed this before the end of the year. -_- Like I said, some of these scenes have been a bit challenging to get right, so I’m taking the extra time to do so. I’ve got 3 scenes left, but I don’t think they’ll be as challenging as the one I just finished up today; it was a completely new scene I added to show a development between two main characters that didn’t have the benefit of multiple editing passes before it.

I keep in mind that my manuscript starting out was over 216K words, but I’m sure there are things I can do to get more out of my time, as well—like limit my Internet use for “research” (*shifty eyes*)—so that’s what I’ll work on this year, now that I understand my full writing (and editing) process a lot better.

Goal #2: Write As Much of Revolutionary as Possible

I guess I should have added “plan” to that goal, but the good news is I took the time to plan out the main plot for Book II already—using voice recordings, nonetheless! (I still need to blog about that sometime.)

Otherwise, I did get about three and a half scenes written. However, Book I was my primary goal to finish last year, so I didn’t go too wild with Book II (yet).

Goal #3: Clean Up the House

I think with this goal, it was mostly about getting rid of a bunch of vintage and second-hand chairs I picked up on a whim a while back. I’m happy to report that those are gone now.

Well, the ones I didn’t already buy fabrics for.

Since I have a big project this year that’ll require a lot of funds, I’ll have to hold off on getting those upholstered. For now.

I didn’t paint the rest of my lower level, though. Honestly, I’m not even worried about that right now, lol.

Goal #4: Attend a Convention & Meet Some Dieselpunks!

I actually did this. Went to the local Comic-Con and met some other writers—one that I happened to be following on Instagram. It was cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad I went.


Okay, now for this year’s goals. Brace yourselves!

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Thoughts on Self-Publishing & First Drafts

Wow, it’s almost been 2 months since I last posted on my blog! I’ve been pretty busy with not just trying to wrap up my current round of revisions on TEROH but also learning as much as I can about (author) marketing. Particularly email marketing. I’ve even invested in a thorough course on the matter! (I was also struggling with some challenges at work that were affecting my mental and emotional health and making it difficult to give my story my full attention. I just didn’t have the energy.)

There was a time, not long ago, that the idea of self-publishing wasn’t even an option in my mind. I completely wrote it off. I thought it would just be too much work that I wouldn’t enjoy or be capable of doing. And then…I really started to research more about it.

Now, I still believe that becoming a self-published author will be a lot of work, but everything I’ve learned about it so far has been so utterly fascinating that I just have to give it a try. There isn’t a single aspect of this process so far that has me thinking, “Nah, I can’t do that.”

Because I know I can. So guess what? I’m going to. (More on that another day, I’m sure.)

First Draft Writing Shenanigans

When it comes to writing, my biggest challenge will be refining my personal process so that things go a bit smoother (and lots faster!) with my second novel in the series. (The cool thing about self-publishing is that I can work at my own pace and adjust my marketing efforts accordingly.) At the moment, I already have 4 scenes written for Book II—not to mention all of the main plot figured out! but more on that another day—because they were just so vivid in my mind that I had to get them on paper before that clarity eluded me. I stopped after that so I could focus on finishing revisions and edits on Book I—an ongoing process if there ever was one. But back to Book II.

One of my problems with Book I is that it began very heavy with information (which isn’t entirely avoidable when your story is set in a new world or unfamiliar time/place but can be mitigated), so this time, with the early scenes I wrote for Book II, I started with the things that came clear to me: actions, dialogue, pivotal moments. I wrote them en media resย from the perspective of what was most relevant to the POV characters at the time. Then I layered in small hints of contextual information that would help the reader get a better understanding of what was going on—relevant worldbuilding details, character history…

Already, I feel a million times more confident in the quality of these initial scenes’ drafts than I ever did writing the first drafts of Book I! (I say “first drafts” plural because, if you know anything about this project, then you’ll know that TEROH has kind of seen a few “first drafts” over time.) In the past, I pretty much approached the first draft(s) from the perspective of a worldbuilder and layered in anything I thought might matter eventually, which is a common beginner’s mistake. (You just have so much to share about your new world that you literally don’t even know where to begin!)

Assessing one scene at a time as its own independent unit really helps me stay focused when I’m writing, I’ve realized.

Oh, the things you learn…

Revisions & Editing

In other news, I’ve found an editor to work with on TEROH!

After reviewing his work with past clients and sending a 2,000-word excerpt of my story to him for a free sample edit then snagging a sweet deal on his editing services, I decided to work with someone who has edited books (especially indies) that have seen decent success (on Amazon, at least) and had experience with multiple genres but fantasy in particular, since my story is essentially an eclectic fantasy. I felt he gave some great advice in my sample edit and has some good insight and an eye for the things I lack, so hopefully, it works out pretty well!

Even though I won’t be ready to work with him until another month or so, I went ahead and reached out to him a little early because I was really concerned about pricing and trying to figure out what to budget. I’m extremely grateful that he was able to lock me in for a deal that makes it super affordable for a first-time indie author with a sizeable manuscript on her hands. (Editors typically charge per word—usually under $0.10, depending on the type of edit—which really adds up if your story isn’t already on the shorter side.)

Anyway, I won’t go into specifics about who I’m working with yet and whatnot; I’m funny about these kinds of things until we’ve gone the distance a bit (chalk it up to my dating experiences?), but I’m pretty sure I’ll talk more about it later! In the meantime…

Yup, revisions.